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AI (powered by OpenAI)


To begin using our AI model on the Data Marketplace, all you need to do is share your data-related requirements with us.

By doing so, our powerful AI model gains access to the necessary details and can provide the guidance you need for integrating data within your project.

Our AI model specializes in aiding you with queries about datasets, attributes, and fields, empowering your Data Marketplace project with additional context and information.

We've spent hours training our AI model to guide you through your journey within our Data Marketplace product.

With its advanced language processing capabilities and extensive knowledge base, our AI model can quickly and accurately respond to your queries.

Check the documentation for more information.

Experience the future of data search with AI

Hi, I'm AI-Cooperator trained by Offsetdata Ltd.

I'm here to help you with your queries.

Ask me for help.

e.g. "How much my Travel Destination dataset of 1 mln lines is worth?"

e.g. "How much is a dataset containing daily weather trends for London, covering the past 20 years"

Please Note

Co_Operator is experimental Large Language Model, some of the responses may not be accurate